If you have added product pictures, you can use this shortcode to display the gallery, which is included in the plugin. This gallery is optimized for high click thorugh rates.

The Images

Displays the product images as a unordered list.

Price Lower List Price?


With [ri_is_price_lower_list_price] and [ri_is_price_not_lower_list_price] you can display specific texts and shortcodes only when the list price is lower the sales price or when this price is not lower than the list price.

Instead of [ri_the_list_price] only [ri_the_price]

The Rich Snippet

Returns the current rich snippet to be displayed in the HTML code. This snippet enables search engines to show your rating in the search results.


Displays the ratings for a product. Available attributes for this shortcode are:

Attribute Function
post_id Takes the rating of the specified review. Use the post id of the review, if it is not the current one.
type Use ‘bar‘ to display the bar graph adn ‘stars‘ to display the stars.
show_rating Displays the numerical rating in addition. For example: (4/5).
display_average Boolean:
true: Displays the average rating.
false: Does not displays the average rating.

Returns the link to the product.

Returns only the URL to the product, so you can use this URL for your own link constructions.


Returns the current price of a product

Returns the list price of a product.

Data sheet

Use [ri_the_datasheet] to return the data sheet of a product. If you use more than one data sheet for a product you can define, which sheet you want to use by using the attribute datasheet. For example:
[ri_the_datasheet datasheet="1"] would return the datasheet with the ID 1. You can see the IDs of your sheets as well as the correct shortcode usage when you create those.

Pro & Contra list

Returns your pro & contra list.