General settings

The general settings of the Affiliate Product Review Plugin for WordPress
The general settings of the Affiliate Product Review Plugin for WordPress

Amazon API Connection

The first four settings of the general tab are for users, who want to use Amazon. Using the Amazon API has a lot of benefits. The plugin can easily download the prodcut pictures for you and will automatically check for price updates. First you have to select the Amazon region and enter the API informations as well as your Referall tag. With the button “Check Amazon API connection”, you can check, if you’ve entered the correct values.

If you are using the US Partnership, you can get your API credentials here. For the other regions, please check the information, the local Amazon partnernet provides to you.

Use Custom Post Type or blog posts?

If you are not using a theme which explicitly supports the plugin (most likely), you will need to choose, if you want to use your blog posts as reviews or if you want the plugin to register a new Custom Post Type which will then serve as your review post type.


Enter the currency symbol you want to use and define, if you want this symbol to show up before the price or after. For example:
Before: £ 99
After: 99 €

URL Rewrite

If you are using a Custom Post Type, you can define the so called slug of this post type. If you set it to “review” (standard), the URLs to your reviews will be like While you choose the “post-name”-part for each review separately, the “review”-part is defined here.

The affiliate links will be masked. So you do not generate links like, but which will redirect the visitor to Amazon. you can define the “ext”-part of this URL here.

Order by

Here you can change the order of your reviews. Usually, the latest posts ( and reviews ) are displayed. But maybe, you want to show the best rated review first. In this case, you can do so here. If you want to change the order you need to make sure, that the post type is not filled with mixed content. What this means: If you are using the usual blog posts as reviews and you use this post type also for simple blog posts, you shouldn’t use this order by option, since your simple blog posts may disappear in the overview pages like the category pages and so on.

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