Creating a review

After you have configured the Affiliate Product Reviews plugin, to create a review is quite simple.

The review editor view
The review editor view

If you open the editor in the backend, you will find this basic form. You can enter a title and of course your review. Under the review editor you will find two more boxes. One is called “Review data” and the other is called “Product images”.

Adding the review data

Besides the review text itself you will need to add the product data of course. This box has four tabs to enter the data.

1. The general data

Of course, the plugin needs to know which affiliate link you are using. If you are using Amazon, you can simply add  the ASIN or the Amazon-URL to the product. In this case, you can click the “Update product data”-button afterwards and all the further information like product name, price etc. will be added automatically. The affiliate URL won’t show up, but the plugin will know where to redirect the user to. Another advantage of using Amazon: The plugin will store the price data for one day and after this time it will check again, whether the price has changed. So you do not need to check the prices yourself. The plugin will keep care of it!

If you do not use Amazon as your affiliate partner, you can enter the affiliate URL into the corresponding input field. In this case, you will need to fill out the remaining data yourself.

2. The data sheets

If you have created data sheet frames, you can now fill out the data sheet for your product. So for example, you may want to review TVs. They all have common features like the size and so on. So, you have created a data sheet frame with these features and now you cann fill out these sheets for each product.

The data sheet will be displayed with the shortcode [ri_the_datasheet].

3. The rating

If you have created rating systems, you can now enter your rating for each product in this tab. Out of these ratings, the plugin will create an average rating, which will be used for the rich snippet and also for the order by mechanism.

The ratings will be displayed by the shortcode [ri_the_ratings]

4. Pro & Contra

In this tab you can enter a small list of pro points and contra points. You will see two textfields to enter this data. The first is for the pro arguments, the second for the contra arguments. Please use a new line for each point.

The pro & contra list will be displayed by using the shortcode [ri_the_pro_contra]


The product images

In the product images box, you can add product images to display them in the gallery. Simply click the button “Load images”.

Add images to the affiliate product
Add images to the affiliate product

You may notice the media library which opens now has a interesting extension. You can add images with the normal media library as you now this interface from WordPress. But: If you have provided a ASIN, you can click “Amazon Library” on the left side and the pictures, which Amazon is providing via its API will show up. By selecting these images they will automatically be downloaded into your system and named with the product name the Amazon API provides. So you have automatically SEO optimized product pictures without any problem. After you have added the Amazon pictures, you can access them also via the usual Media library and use them inside of your editor or as a featured image.

Once you have selected pictures, you can now order them, to define the appearance order in the plugins gallery.

The following shortcodes are involved in this system: