Affiliate Product Reviews Step by Step


After your purchase, you can download the ZIP file from CodeCanyon. Open this ZIP file and you will find also an installation guide as well as another ZIP, called This file contains the plugin.

Switch to your WordPress dashboard into the plugins section and click Add New and Upload Plugin. Upload the file. After your upload click activate and the plugin is installed.

Theme support

Most likely you will see the following message after activating the plugin:

When a theme does not explicitly declare the support for this plugin, a message will be shown.
When a theme does not explicitly declare the support for this plugin, a message will be shown.

Basically, this is nothing, you have to worry about and you can just click “Hide this notice”. But what does this message mean? If a theme supports the plugin, it will take fully control over the reviews layout and similar questions. If you know a bit PHP, it is very simple to create a theme, which supports the plugin. The advantage of this method is, you have a better control over the appearance of the reviews. Learn more about this topic here.

But in this tutorial, we assume, you do not have such a theme.

Set up the plugin

Now, you have to configure the plugin to your needs. Switch in your dashboard to Settings > Affiliate Product Reviews.

General data

Firstly, you have to enter the general data (More information here). So, if you want to use Amazon as your affiliate partner, you need to add your Amazon details.

The general settings of the Affiliate Product Review Plugin for WordPress
The general settings of the Affiliate Product Review Plugin for WordPress

After this, you have to decide, whether you want to use your usual blogposts for your reviews or if you want to use the plugins internal custom post type to use for your reviews.

If you use the custom post type (see a demo here), you have to create a page, which you will define here as the overview page for your reviews.

You can also define the URL structure of this custom post type. By default, you reach the reviews with You can define the “review”-part in the gerneral settings.

Furthermore, you define here the currency and how the currency symbol will be displayed.

Since the plugin masks your affiliate links, you can also define the URL structure of the masked affiliate links. By default, these links have the following structure: You can define the “ext”-part in the general settings.

Lastly, you can define, if you want to order your reviews by the standard (which is the latest review will be displayed first) or by the rating (which is, the best rated product will be listet first).

Data sheets

In the next step, you can define a data sheet frame. With this frame, you will be able to fill out a data sheet for each product you review. The rows of this sheet are defined here.


Since this is a review plugin, you need to be able to rate the products, you are reviewing. The parameter of your ratings can be defined here. You can create a rating system, where you for example are able to rate the price of a product and its quality.

Underneath, you can define some style aspects of your ratings.


Behind this tab you find the template engine. Here you can define the general layout of your reviews. You find two textboxes. One will be used to display the full review, while the other is used to display the review excerpt. The tag #the_content# will be replaced by the review text itself. The plugin delivers a wide range of shortcodes to display the ratings, data sheets, prices, links and so on. With this template engine, you can use these shortcodes sidewide and you do not have to use them in every single review. Here you can learn more about the plugins shortcodes.

You can also use HTML here. So you are able to design the layout as much as you want.

Text & Strings

The last tab “Text & Strings” contains some texts, you can define. So for example: What is the text of the link to the affiliate shop?

Furthermore, you are able to place you custom CSS for the plugin here.

Writing a review

After you have configured your plugin, you can now start to write your first review. If you use your blog posts for this purpose, just click “Add new“, otherwise, you see the new point “Reviews” in your WordPress dashboard and you will click “Add New” in this section.

As you can see, you will find two boxes underneath the text editor, where you can fill out the product details, the data sheet as well as the rating. You can also add a list of pro & contra, which can be later displayed.

In the second box, you can add images (which is super easy, if you use Amazon and you’ve provided a ASIN). Learn more about this topics here.