Affiliate Product Review Plugin

Affiliate Product Review Plugin More and more users do inform themselves in the internet before they buy a product. Product Reviews have become a reliable income for affiliate marketers.
This plugin eases the way how to create and manage these reviews in a WordPress blog.

Core Features

  • Create easy rating bars/stars
  • Rich snippet
  • Create unlimited data sheets
  • Amazon API integration for super fast picture and price imports
  • Import Amazon pictures seo optimized
  • Gallery optimized for high click through rate
  • Masked affiliate links with rel nofollow
  • Use the integrated Custom Post Type for your reviews or your blog posts.


We provide you with several demonstrations, so you can get an impression of what this plugin can do for you. See an overview here.

You can use this plugin together with any theme by using shortcodes or the included template engine. See a demonstration here. Learn more about the template engine and the shortcodes of this plugin.

For the professionals: You can super easy extend your own theme by creating a child theme. This plugin delivers all the template tags you might need. Here, you can see our demo with a child theme of Twenty Fifteen. You can download this theme to learn how to create a child theme (or simply to use it) here. Please be aware, this theme works only in conjunction with the Affiliate Product Review Plugin.


  1. Step by Step integration guide
  2. Affiliate Product Review Shortcodes
  3. How to create a child theme for Affiliate Product Reviews
  4. Template Tags